Thursday, December 7, 2023

Trailer – “Sylvie’s Love”

By Matt Neglia 

Amazon Studios has released the trailer for “Sylvie’s Love” starring Tessa Thompson, Nnamdi Asomugha, Ryan Michelle Bathe, Aja Naomi King and Eva Longoria. They plan to release the film on December 25th.

​Click below to see the trailer.

​Plot Syn
opsis: Sylvie has a summer romance with a saxophonist who takes a summer job at her father’s record store in Harlem. When they reconnect years later, they discover that their feelings for each other have not faded with the years.

What do you all think of the trailer? I had the privilege of being able to see this one at Sundance and  thought it was a very lovely movie with a nice throwback to classic romance films of the 50s and 60s. It’s also refreshing to see Tessa Thompson carry a movie on her shoulders to this degree and she’s excellent in the movie. Will be a Best Costume Design Oscar contender. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Twitter account.

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Matt Neglia
Matt Neglia
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