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Next Best Picture is one of the newest leading voices on the film awards season race while also providing commentary for the Tony and Emmy awards as well. We are on a year long search to find what will be the next Best Picture Oscar winner. We do this through weekly podcasts, reviews, interviews with people in the industry and blog posts expressing our own thoughts, opinions and love for all things cinema. We have an eclectic group of contributors (who are listed below) and we believe in the following values:


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Matt Neglia
@NextBestPicturePRESIDENT & EICObsessed about the Oscars, Criterion Collection and all things film 24/7. Critics Choice Member.
Will Mavity
@mavericksmoviesWRITER/PODCASTERFilm & music enthusiast. Loves making Oscar lists, analyzing stats & conducting interviews.
Sara Clements
@mildresfierceEDITORWrites at Exclaim, Daily Dead, Bloody Disgusting, The Mary Sue & Digital Spy. GALECA Member.
Nicole Ackman
@nicoleackman16WRITER/PODCASTERBlogger, YouTube, Broadway World UK writer, University of London postgrad & Elon.
Josh Parham
@JRParhamWRITER/PODCASTERI love movies so much I evidently hate them. Wants to run a production company.
Daniel Howat
@howatdkWRITER/PODCASTERHead of the Screeners Podcast. Movie obsessed. Counting down till the Oscars.
Lauren LaMagna
@laurenlamangoEDITOR/ WRITER/PODCASTERAssistant arts editor at Daily Collegian. Film & TV copy editor.
Cody Derricks
@codymonster91WRITER/PODCASTERActor, awards & musical theatre buff. Co-host of the horror film podcast Halloweeners.
Dan Bayer
@dancindanonfilmWRITER/PODCASTERPerformer since birth, tap dancer since the age of 10. Life-long book, film and theatre lover. 
Tom O’Brien
@thomasobrienWRITER/PODCASTERPalm Springs Blogger and Awards lover. Editor at Exact Change & contributing writer for Gold Derby. 
Danilo Castro
@DaniloSCastroWRITER/PODCASTERMusic lover. Writer for Screen Rant, Noir Foundation, Classic Movie Hub & Little White Lies.
Zoe Rose Bryant
@ZoeRoseBryantWRITER/PODCASTERWrites for AwardsWatch & Loud & Clear Reviews. Omaha based film critic & Awards Season pundit.
Ema Sasic
@ema_sasicWRITER/PODCASTERJournalist for The Desert Sun. Film critic and awards season enthusiast. Bosnian immigrant
Eve O’Dea
WRITER/PODCASTERInterested in the Hollywood studio system, history of queer cinema, & film stardom. B.A. in Film Studies.