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The 2023 Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Nominations

The Cinema Audio Society (CAS) have announced their nominations representing the best in Sound Mixing for 2023. The winners will be announced March 3rd. Here are this year’s nominees…

Motion Pictures – Live Action
Barbie” – Production Mixer – Nina Rice Re-Recording Mixer – Kevin O’Connell CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Ai-Ling Lee CAS Scoring Mixer – Peter Cobbin Scoring Mixer – Kirsty Whalley ADR Mixer – Bobby Johanson CAS Foley Mixer – Kevin Schultz
Ferrari” – Production Mixer – Lee Orloff CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Andy Nelson CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Tony Lamberti Re-Recording Mixer – Luke Schwarzweller CAS Scoring Mixer – Andrew Dudman ADR Mixer – Matthew Wood Foley Mixer – Giorgi Lekishvili
Killers of the Flower Moon” – Production Mixer – Mark Ulano CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Tom Fleischman CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Eugene Gearty Foley Mixer – George A. Lara CAS
Maestro” – Production Mixer – Steven A. Morrow CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Tom Ozanich Re-Recording Mixer – Dean A. Zupancic Scoring Mixer – Nick Baxter ADR Mixer – Bobby Johanson CAS Foley Mixer – Walter Spencer
Oppenheimer” – Production Mixer – Willie D. Burton CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Gary A. Rizzo CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Kevin O’Connell CAS Scoring Mixer – Chris Fogel CAS Foley Mixer – Tavish Grade Foley Mixer – Jack Cucci Foley Mixer – Mikel Parraga-Wills

Motion Pictures – Animated
Elemental” – Original Dialogue Mixer – Vince Caro CAS Original Dialogue Mixer – Paul McGrath CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Stephen Urata Re-Recording Mixer – Ren Klyce Scoring Mixer – Thomas Vicari CAS Foley Mixer – Scott Curtis
Spider-Man: Across the Spider-Verse” – Original Dialogue Mixer – Brian Smith Original Dialogue Mixer – Aaron Hasson Original Dialogue Mixer – Howard London CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Michael Semanick Re-Recording Mixer – Juan Peralta Scoring Mixer – Sam Okell Foley Mixer – Randy K. Singer CAS
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutant Mayhem” – Original Dialogue Mixer – Doc Kane CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Michael Semanick Re-Recording Mixer – Mark Mangini Scoring Mixer – Trent Reznor Scoring Mixer – Atticus Ross ADR Mixer – Chris Cirino Foley Mixer – Chelsea Body
The Boy and the Heron” – Original Dialogue & Re-Recording Mixer – Kôji Kasamats
The Super Mario Bros. Movie” – Original Dialogue Mixer – Carlos Sotolongo CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Pete Horner Re-Recording Mixer – Juan Peralta Scoring Mixer – Casey Stone CAS ADR Mixer – Doc Kane CAS Foley Mixer – Richard Durante

Motion Pictures – Documentary
“32 Sounds” – Production Mixer – Laura Cunningham Re-Recording Mixer – Mark Mangini Scoring Mixer – Ben Greenberg ADR Mixer – Bobby Johanson CAS Foley Mixer – Blake Collins CAS
American Symphony” – Re-Recording Mixer – Tom Paul Re-Recording Mixer – Tristan Baylis Foley Mixer – Ryan Collison
Little Richard: I Am Everything” – Re-Recording Mixer – Tom Paul
Still: A Michael J. Fox Movie” – Re-Recording Mixer – Skip Lievsay CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Paul Urmson Re-Recording Mixer – Joel Dougherty Scoring Mixer – John Michael Caldwell Foley Mixer – Micah Blaichman
“Taylor Swift: The Eras Tour” – Production Mixer – Jacob Farron Smith CAS Re-Recording Mixer – John Ross CAS Re-Recording Mixer – David Payne Re-Recording Mixer – Christopher Rowe

Non-Theatrical Motion Pictures or Limited Series
“All the Light We Cannot See”: Ep.4 – Production Mixer – Balazs Varga Re-Recording Mixer – Mark Paterson Re-Recording Mixer – Craig Henighan CAS Scoring Mixer – Nick Wollage ADR Mixer – Bobby Johanson CAS Foley Mixer – Peter Persaud CAS
Beef”: Ep.9 The Great Fabricator – Production Mixer – Sean O’Malley CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Penny Harold CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Andrew Garrett Lange CAS Foley Mixer – Andrey Starikovskiy
“Black Mirror”: S6, Ep3. Beyond The Sea – Production Mixer – Richard Miller Re-Recording Mixer – James Ridgway Scoring Mixer – Daniel Kresco ADR Mixer – James Hyde Foley Mixer – Adam Mendez CAS
Daisy Jones & The Six”: Ep. 10 Track 10: Rock n’ Roll Suicide – Production Mixer – Chris Welcker, Re-Recording Mixer – Lindsey Alvarez CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Mathew Waters CAS Scoring Mixer – Mike Poole ADR Mixer – Chris Navarro CAS Foley Mixer – James B. Howe
Weird: The Al Yankovic Story” – Production Mixer – Richard Bullock CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Tony Solis Scoring Mixer – Phil McGowan CAS ADR Mixer – Brian Magrum CAS Foley Mixer – Erika Koski CAS

Television Series – One Hour
Succession”: S04 E03 Connor’s Wedding – Production Mixer – Ken Ishii CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Andy Kris Re-Recording Mixer – Nicholas Renbeck, Scoring Mixer – Thomas Vicari CAS ADR Mixer – Mark DeSimone CAS Foley Mixer – Micah Blaichman
Ted Lasso”: S03 E12 So Long, Farewell – Production Mixer – David Lascelles CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Ryan Kennedy Re-Recording Mixer – Sean Byrne CAS Foley Mixer – Jordan McClain
“The Crown”: S05 E08 Gunpowder – Production Mixer – Chris Ashworth Re-Recording Mixer – Stuart Hilliker CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Lee Walpole Re-Recording Mixer – Martin Jensen ADR Mixer – Ben Tisdall Foley Mixer – Anna Wright
The Last Of Us”: S01 E01 When You’re Lost In The Darkness – Production Mixer – Michael Playfair CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Marc Fishman CAS Re-Recording Mixer – Kevin Roache CAS Foley Mixer – Randy Wilson

What do you think of the nominations? Do you think these five will be the exact five nominated for the Oscar? Remember, there’s only one sound category now at the Oscars. Please check out our latest Oscar predictions for Best Sound herePlease let us know your thoughts on our Twitter account. Click here for more important upcoming dates this awards season and here for the most recent tally of awards season winners for the current year

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