Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Quentin Tarantino Confirms “The Movie Critic” As His Final Film

According to Deadline, Quentin Tarantino’s new film is confirmed to be called “The Movie Critic.” No one has currently been cast, but Tarantino is looking for a younger leading male to be the star of the feature. “I haven’t decided yet, but it will be somebody in the 35-year-old ballpark. It’ll definitely be a new leading man for me,” the auteur stated. “The Movie Critic” is set to begin pre-pre-production next month.

Not much is known about the story besides its setting – it will take place in California in 1997 – and subject. While initially rumored to be about the famed film critic Pauline Kael, Tarantino now says that the titular character will be based on a movie critic who wrote film reviews for a porno magazine to be titled “The Popstar Pages” in the film. According to Tarantino, “he wrote about mainstream movies and was the second-string critic. I think he was a very good critic. He was as cynical as hell. His reviews were a cross between early Howard Stern and what Travis Bickle might be if he were a film critic…. He wrote like he was 55, but he was only in his early to mid-30s. He died in his late thirties. It wasn’t clear for a while, but now I’ve done some more research, and I think it was it was complications due to alcoholism.”

It’s safe to say almost everyone is excited about Tarantino’s 10th and potentially final film. It’ll be interesting to see how he follows up “Once Upon a Time In Hollywood,” a beautifully sentimental time capsule of a golden period of Hollywood history that was a departure from his previous films regarding tone. It currently seems as though Tarantino will continue to expand upon that through another lens. His last film felt like such a satisfactory conclusion to his iconic filmography, “The Movie Critic” feels like it could serve as an epilogue in a way. 

Are you excited about “The Movie Critic”? Who would you want to be cast as the lead in Tarantino’s final film? Please let us know in the comments section below or over on our Twitter account.

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