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Awards Calendar – The Rest Of The 2018 Awards Season

By Matt Neglia & Will Mavity 

The Critics’ awards are pretty much over and Oscar ballots were turned in yesterday evening. Phase 2 ends next week on January 22nd when the Oscar nominations are finally announced and we will officially enter the third and final phase of the 2018 Awards Season. It is now time to take a look at the rest of the 2018 awards season and what important dates we have coming up.

Click below to see which important awards season dates need to be added to your calendar up until the 91st Academy Awards.

January 19 – Producers Guild Awards
January 20 – London Critics Circle Awards
January 21 – Motion Picture Sound Editors Nominations
January 22 – Oscar Nominations
January 27 – SAG Awards
January 27 – Chicago Independent Critics Nominations

February 1 – ACE Eddie Awards
February 2 – ADG Awards
February 2 – Annie Awards
February 2 – DGA Awards
February 2 – Chicago Independent Critic Awards
February 5 – VFX Society Awards
February 9 – USC Scripter Awards
February 10 – BAFTA Awards
February 16 – CAS Awards
February 16 – Makeup & Hairstylist Guild Awards
February 17 – MPSE Awards
February 17 – WGA Awards
February 19 – CDG Awards
February 23 – Independent Spirit Awards
February 24 – Oscars

Phase 1 (the festivals) was a lot of fun. Phase 2 (the critics awards) was not so much. It definitely brought out the worst in a lot of us. Here’s to hoping the final phase (Phase 3) of this awards season can end on a high note for us all. As always, we’ll be here to provide the coverage and fill you in on everything that is going on in the lead to the Oscars.

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Matt Neglia
Matt Neglia
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