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Awards Calendar For December 2017

By Matt Neglia & Will Mavity

Now that the NYFCC have announced their winners, we can officially put November behind us and look forward to December. We are determined to bring you the best experience throughout this year’s Oscar Season as we did last year. Through our Awards Calendar, which we continuously update as new dates are announced for the precursor circuit, we try to do just that. So please, click down below to see what exciting developments await us throughout the month of December 2017 and add those dates so you too can stay updated on what is going on this awards season!

December 1 – Satellite Awards Nominations
December 3 – Alliance of Women Film Journalists Nominations
December 3 – los Angeles Film Critics Awards
December 4 – Annie Award Nominations
December 6 – Critics Choice Nominations Announced
December 6 – Washington DC Critics Nominations
December 7 – AFI Awards
December 7 – Detroit Film Critic Awards
December 8 – Washington DC Film Critics Awards
December 9 – Alliance of Women Film Journalists Awards
December 9 – European Film Awards
December 10 – British Independent Film Awards
December 10 – Boston Society of Film Critics Awards
December 10 – New York Film Critics Online Awards
December 10 – Chicago Film Critics Nominations
December 10 – Toronto Film Critics Awards
December 10 – Philadelphia Film Critics Awards
December 10 – San Francisco Film Critics Awards
December 11 – Golden Globe Nominations 
December 11 – Seattle Film Critics Nominations
December 12 – Phoenix Film Critics Society Nominations
December 12 – Chicago Film Critic Awards
December 13 – SAG Nominations
December 13 – Dallas-Fort Worth Critics Awards
December 17 – Utah Film Critics Awards
December 17 – Kansas City Film Critics Awards
December 18 – Las Vegas Film Critics Awards
December 18 – Seattle Film Critics Awards
December 18 – Indiana Film Journalists Awards
December 19 – Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards
December 20 – Florida Film Critics Nominations
December 22 – Florida Film Critics Awards
December 26 – North Carolina Film Critics Nominations
December 28 – Online Film Critics Awards

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Matt Neglia
Matt Neglia
Obsessed about the Oscars, Criterion Collection and all things film 24/7. Critics Choice Member.

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