Thursday, December 7, 2023

Trailer – “AIR”

Amazon Studios has released the trailer for Ben Affleck’s “Air” starring Matt Damon, Ben Affleck, Jason Bateman, Chris Messina, Marlon Wayans, Chris Tucker & Viola Davis. The film will be released in theaters on April 5th, 2023.

Plot Synopsis: Sonny Vaccaro, a shoe salesman at Nike, works to sign Michael Jordan to a deal to wear their shoes.

What do you all think of the trailer?

This is Ben Affleck’s first directed film since his critical and financial flop, “Live By Night,” in 2016. However, before that, he was on a hot streak with “Gone Baby Gone, “The Town,” and the Oscar-winning film “Argo.” Suffice it to say; he’s built up enough goodwill as a director to get me intrigued about whatever his next project is. While Affleck and Damon are starring in the film together, unlike their Oscar-winning work in “Good Will Hunting,” they do not have screenplay credit. While I’m sure the behind-the-scenes story of how the Air Jordan shoe line of Nike came to become the phenomenon it did might be fascinating to some people, it doesn’t have enough appeal to me personally and other than the talent involved (Viola Davis, Jason Bateman, Chris Messina, Marlon Waynes, Chris Tucker!!), this trailer didn’t do much to get me excited for why this story needs to be told. Maybe there’s something here I’m missing, and it will be revealed when people see the film. “Hustle” was a recent sports film that initially didn’t seem like it would be much but pleasantly surprised me. Given the talent involved and the release date, I feel this will be an enjoyable, competently made mid-movie at best. What do you all think, though? Please let us know your thoughts in the comments section below or on our Twitter account.


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Matt Neglia
Matt Neglia
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