Sunday, December 10, 2023

The Next Best Theatre Podcast: Episode 31 – “Hamilton”

By Michael Schwartz 

We are not throwing away our shot! To commemorate five years of “Hamilton” on Broadway, the NBT team examines Lin-Manuel Miranda‘s masterpiece and the impact it has had on the world since 2015. We also build anticipation ahead of the Disney+ filmed recording, which drops on July 3. Join us to celebrate the brilliance of “Hamilton” and come to remember just how important it is to the theatre community. Joining me for this episode we have Nicole Ackman, Dan BayerCasey Lee ClarkCody Dericks & Lauren LaMagna.

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You can follow Michael, Nicole, Dan, Casey, Cody & Lauren and hear more of their thoughts on the Tonys & Theatre on Twitter at @mschwartz95@nicoleackman16@dancindanonfilm@CaseyLeeClark@codymonster91 & @laurenlamango

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