Wednesday, December 7, 2022

The Next Best Series Podcast: A Behind The Scenes Look At “Severance”

By Will Mavity 

If you ask most people which television series from 2022 was the breakout new show of the year, they will probably say Dan Erickson’s “Severance.” Season one premiered on AppleTV+ on February 18th with the week-to-week episodes directed by Ben Stiller and Aoife McArdle. It received critical acclaim for its writing, performances by the ensemble, and immersion into its world and concept. Many talented people worked on this show to bring it to life, and we’re proud to showcase their work in this series of podcast interviews. For your consideration this Emmy season, we have Composer Theodore Shapiro, Production Designers Jeremy Hindle, Nick Francone & Cinematographer Jessica Lee Gagné, all of whom helped to make the show as memorable as it’s been. We hope you enjoy these interviews in our special behind-the-scenes look at one of 2022’s best shows. Thank you!

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Will Mavity
Will Mavity
Loves Awards Season, analyzing stats & conducting interviews. Hollywood Critics Association Member.

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