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The 2017 Los Angeles Film Critics Association (LAFCA) Winners

By Matt Neglia

The Los Angeles Film Critics Association have announced their winners and runners up for the best in film for 2017.

Click below to see the winners, the runners up and the winners of our “Predict NYFCC/LAFCA” Contest!

​Best Film
Call Me By Your Name” (Runner Up: “The Florida Project“)
Best Director
(TIE) Luca Guadagnino – Call Me By Your Name & Guillermo del Toro – The Shape Of Water
Best Actress
Sally Hawkins – “The Shape Of Water” (Runner Up: Frances McDormand – “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri“)
Best Actor
Timothee Chalamet – “Call Me By Your Name” (Runner Up: James Franco – “The Disaster Artist“)
Best Foreign-Language Film
(TIE) “BPM (Beats Per Minute)” & “Loveless”
Best Animated Film
“The Breadwinner” (Runner Up: “Coco“)
Best Screenplay
Get Out” (Runner Up: “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri“)
Best Documentary Film
Faces Places” (Runner Up: “Jane”)
Best Supporting Actress
Laurie Metcalf – “Lady Bird” (Runner Up: Mary J. Blige – “Mudbound“)
Best Editing
Dunkirk” (Runner Up: “I, Tonya“)
Best Production Design
Blade Runner: 2049” (Runner Up: “The Shape Of Water“)
Best Supporting Actor
Willem Dafoe – “The Florida Project” (Runner Up: Sam Rockwell – “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri“)
Best Score
Phantom Thread” (Runner Up: “The Shape Of Water“)
Best Cinematography
The Shape Of Water” (Runner Up: “Blade Runner: 2049“)

So what do you think? Which films do you feel received a boos from LAFCA? Are you surprised by any winners/exclusions? Let us know in the comments below.

Also too….we held a contest to see who could predict the most winners for NYFCC & LAFCA this week. I am proud to say that there was a tie for first place and as a result, we threw all four names in a randomizer to choose a winner…

Congratulations to Daniel Glyn who got 11 out of 26 categories correct and was chosen from the randomizer!!!!

The other three individuals to also get 11 correct were:

Andrew Carden
William Mann
Joshua Parham

And then rounding it out with high scores were:

Matt St Clair – 10
Mouhamed Sagne – 10
Clare Henry – 9
Shane Slater – 9
Sam Coffey – 8
Joel Melendez – 8

​Thank you to everyone who participated! There will be more contests as the 2017 awards race rolls on.

You can follow Matt and hear more of his thoughts on the Oscars and Film on Twitter at @NextBestPicture

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Matt Neglia
Matt Neglia
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