Friday, December 1, 2023

The 2016 NBP Film Awards: Part 2 – Top Heroes, On Screen Couples, Credits Sequences, Memorable Lines & Breakout Performance

By Matt Neglia

Last week we gave you Part 1 of the NBP Film Awards on The Next Best Picture Podcast and now we are here in week two with another set of awards from all members of the team here. Once again, there are five categories and this week we are giving out awards for our Top Heroes, On Screen Couples, Title Sequences, Memorable Lines & Breakout Performances.

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Skip Ahead To These Times To Listen
Top 3 Credits Sequences – 1:03
Top 3 Memorable Lines – 19:58
Top 3 On Screen Couples – 41:33
Top 3 Heroes – 1:04:09
Top 5 Breakout Performances – 1:25:37

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Matt Neglia
Matt Neglia
Obsessed about the Oscars, Criterion Collection and all things film 24/7. Critics Choice Member.

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