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The 2019 Cinema Audio Society (CAS) Winners

By Matt Neglia 

The Cinema Audio Society (CAS) have announced their winners representing the best in Sound Mixing for 2018.

Click below to see the winners.

A Quiet Place
Production Mixer – Michael Barosky
Re-recording Mixer – Brandon Proctor
Re-recording Mixer – Michael Barry, CAS
Scoring Mixer – Tyson Lozensky
ADR Mixer – Bob Lacivita
Foley Mixer – Peter Persuad, CAS 
A Star is Born
Production Mixer – Steven A. Morrow, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Tom Ozanich
Re-recording Mixer – Dean Zupancic
Scoring Mixer – Jason Ruder
ADR Mixer – Thomas O’Connell
Foley Mixers – Richard Duarte
Black Panther
Production Mixer – Peter Devlin, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Steven Boeddeker
Re-recording Mixer – Brandon Proctor
Scoring Mixer – Christopher Fogel, CAS
ADR Mixer – Doc Kane, CAS
Foley Mixer – Scott Curtis
Bohemian Rhapsody
Production Mixer – John Casali
Re-recording Mixer – Paul Massey
Re-recording Mixer – Tim Cavagin
Re-recording Mixer – Niv Adiri, CAS

First Man
Production Mixer – Mary H. Ellis, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Jon Taylor, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Frank A. Montaño
Scoring Mixer – Ai-Ling Lee, CAS
ADR Mixer – Thomas J. O’Connell
Foley Mixer – Richard Duarte

Incredibles 2
Original Dialogue Mixer – Vince Caro, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Michael Semanick, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Nathan Nance
Scoring Mixer – Joel Iwataki
Foley Mixer – Scott Curtis
Isle of Dogs
Original Dialogue Mixer – Darrin Moore
Re-recording Mixer – Christopher Scarabosio
Re-recording Mixer – Wayne Lemmer
Scoring Mixer – Xavier Forcioli
Scoring Mixer – Simon Rhodes
Foley Mixer – Peter Persaud, CAS

Ralph Breaks the Internet
Original Dialogue Mixer / Re-recording Mixer – Gabriel Guy, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – David E. Fluhr, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Alan Meyerson, CAS
ADR Mixer – Doc Kane, CAS
Foley Mixer – Scott Curtis
Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse
Original Dialogue Mixers – Brian Smith, Aaron Hasson, Howard London, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Michael Semanick, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Tony Lamberti, CAS
Scoring Mixer – Sam Okell
Foley Mixer – Randy K. Singer, CAS
The Grinch
Original Dialogue Mixer – Michael Miller, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Gary A. Rizzo, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Juan Peralta
Scoring Mixer – Noah Scot Snyder
Foley Mixer – Blake Collins, CAS

Fahrenheit 11/9
Production Mixer – Mark Ray
Re-recording Mixer – Andy Kris
Re-recording Mixer – Lee Salevan
Re-recording Mixer – Skip Lievsay, CAS
Free Solo
Production Mixer – Jim Hurst
Re-recording Mixer – Tom Fleischman, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Ric Schnupp
Scoring Mixer – Tyson Lozensky
ADR Mixer – David Boulton
Foley Mixer – Joana Niza Braga

Production Mixer – Al Hicks
Re-recording Mixer – Jonathan Wales, CAS
They’ll Love Me When I’m Dead
Production Mixer – Rob Filmore, CAS
Re-recording Mixer – Brian Riordan, CAS
Won’t You Be My Neighbor?
Re-recording Mixer – Pete Horner
Re-recording Mixer – Jeff King

The full list of winners including television can be found here. So what do you think of the winners? See our predictions here and let us know in the comments below or on our Twitter account.

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