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Awards Calendar – December 2018

By Matt Neglia & Will Mavity 

A few days late, but hey! That’s awards season for ya!

We are officially in Phase 2 of the awards season…the critics and industry awards. This part of the Oscar season will run until the Academy announces their nominations for the 91st Oscars ceremony on January 22nd. We’ve already heard from the British Independent Film Awards and a few other critics groups (wins are tallied in the sidebar) but there’s still a lot more to come in December. We will be tirelessly working to provide you updates on the precursors all season long so be sure to take note of which important dates are coming and follow us on all of the social media platforms for the latest.

Click below to see which important awards season dates need to be added to your calendar this December.

December 4 – AFI Awards 
December 6 – Golden Globe Nominations
December 7 – Chicago Critics Nominees
December 8 – IDA Awards
December 8 – Chicago Critics Awards
December 8 (Approx) – St. Louis Film Critics Awards
December 9 – Philadelphia Film Critics Awards
December 9 – Los Angeles Film Critics Awards
December 9 – San Francisco Film Critics Awards 
December 9 – New York Online Film Critics Awards
December 10 – BFCA Critics Choice Nominations
December 10 – Seattle Film Critic Nominations 
December 12 – SAG Nominations
December 13 – Black Reel Nominations
December 14 – Las Vegas Film Critics Awards
December 15- European Film Awards
December 15 (Approx) – Boston Online Film Critics Awards
December 16 – Boston Society of Film Critics Awards
December 16 – Utah Film Critics Awards 
December 16 – Kansas City Film Critics Awards
December 17- VFX, Makeup, Song, Sound, Documentary, Animated, Foreign shortlists released
December 17 – Seattle Film Critic Awards 
December 17 – Indiana Film Critics Awards
December 18 – Phoenix Film Critics Society Awards
December 19 – Florida Film Critics Nominations
December 21 – Florida Film Critics Awards
December 26 – North Carolina Film Critics Nominations
December 26 – Online Film Critics Nominations​

Please keep in mind that dates are not 100% and are subject to change. If you have a tip on a date or on when a critics or industry group is announcing that is not listed, be sure to reach out to either myself or Will Mavity on Twitter.

You can follow Matt & Will and hear more of their thoughts on the Oscars & Film on Twitter at @NextBestPicture & @mavericksmovies

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Matt Neglia
Matt Neglia
Obsessed about the Oscars, Criterion Collection and all things film 24/7. Critics Choice Member.

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