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The 2023 Directors Guild Of America (DGA) Feature Film Nominations

The Directors Guild Of America (DGA) have announced their nominations representing the best in directing for 2023. The winners will be announced February 10th. Here are this year’s nominees…

Greta Gerwig – Barbie
Christopher Nolan – Oppenheimer
Yorgos Lanthimos – Poor Things
Alexander Payne – The Holdovers
Martin Scorsese – Killers of the Flower Moon

Cord Jefferson – American Fiction
Manuela Martelli – Chile ’76
Noora Niasari – Shayda
A.V. Rockwell – A Thousand And One
Celine Song – Past Lives

The documentary, television and commercial nominations were announced yesterday and can be read here.​

Looking at how the season has gone so far, here are all the directors who have scored major nominations (with BAFTA being the longest) this year:

Greta Gerwig – Barbie: BAFTA, CCA, DGA, GG
Christopher Nolan – Oppenheimer: BAFTA, CCA, DGA, GG
Yorgos Lanthimos – Poor Things: BAFTA, CCA, DGA, GG
Martin Scorsese – Killers of the Flower Moon: BAFTA, CCA, DGA, GG

Alexander Payne – The Holdovers: BAFTA, CCA, DGA
Bradley Cooper – Maestro: BAFTA, CCA, GG

Celine Song – Past Lives: BAFTA, GG

Sofia Coppola – Priscilla: BAFTA
Emerald Fennell – Saltburn: BAFTA
Jonathan Glazer – The Zone of Interest: BAFTA
Andrew Haigh – All of Us Strangers: BAFTA
Cord Jefferson – American Fiction: BAFTA
Raine Allen Miller – Rye Lane: BAFTA
Charlotte Regan – Scrapper: BAFTA
Justine Triet – Anatomy of a Fall: BAFTA
Molly Manning Walker – How To Have Sex: BAFTA

So while it is likely that our five final Best Director nominees will come from above, below is a list of directors who made the Oscar lineup in their respective years without any of the above precursors:

Terrence Malick – The Tree Of Life (2011)
Ben Zeitlin – Beasts Of The Southern Wild (2012)
Bennett Miller – Foxcatcher (2014)
Lenny Abrahamson – Room (2015)
Paul Thomas Anderason – Phantom Thread (2017)
Ruben Östlund – Triangle Of Sadness (2022)

What do you think of the nominations? Please check out our predictions for Best Director here and let us know your thoughts on our Twitter account. Click here for more important upcoming dates this awards season and here for the most recent tally of awards season winners for the current year. Let us know your thoughts in the comments below or on our Twitter account.

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