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“Nosferatu” Remake To Star Anya Taylor-Joy

By Daniel Howat

Writer-Director Robert Eggers and actress Anya Taylor-Joy first paired up with the 2016 breakout hit “The Witch.” The two will pair up for yet another horror film with a remake of “Nosferatu,” according to Entertainment Weekly. Can they find a unique twist on a classic horror film that is hailed as a masterpiece?

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​​F. W. Murnau’s 1922 “Nosferatu” was an unauthorized Dracula adaptation that changed many of the names as an unsuccessful attempt to avoid copyright issues. The film went on to be a classic, and one of the earliest horror films ever made. Iconic imagery from the film is still often referenced today. Eggers’ remake won’t be the first; Werner Herzog directed “Nosferatu the Vampyre” in 1979. 

Although it’s unclear what character Taylor-Joy may be playing, she’s already gotten plenty of experience in horror. In addition to “The Witch,” she’s starred in 2016’s “Morgan,” M. Night Shyamalan’s “Split,” and will soon film “Glass,” the sequel to “Split.” This is an unconventional early career for such a young actress, but it seems to be paying off. Just last year Taylor-Joy was nominated for BAFTA’s Rising Star Award.

It’s not hard to see the inspiration of the film in “The Witch,” which was Eggers’ debut feature. He has spoken previously about his love for the original “Nosferatu,” and even directed a stage adaptation for a local theater at age 17. “That’s when I realized this is what I want to be doing. ‘Nosferatu’ has a very close, magical connection for me.” Eggers had previously mentioned a desire to remake “Nosferatu,” and has now slated it for his next project.

Do you think Taylor-Joy and Eggers can make creepy magic yet again with their version of “Nosferatu?” Can Taylor-Joy break out of the horror-mold or will she be typecast? Sound off in the comments.

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Daniel Howat
Daniel Howat
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