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Bill Pullman Joins Christian Bale In Adam McKay’s Dick Cheney Film

By Josh Tarpley

After making a name in Will Ferrell comedies, Adam McKay burst onto the Oscar scene with 2015’s “The Big Short.” The “Anchorman” director picked up a Best Adapted Screenplay nomination for the Wall Street drama and now he is moving on to what is just as volatile political subject as the 2008 Financial Crisis: Vice President Dick Cheney. With Christian Bale set to start and the supporting cast filling in, “Backseat” is taking shape as one of 2018’s most anticipated.

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​Though the current Trump presidency is sure to make for some captivating film/television in the future, the previous Republican administration has already provided plenty of material for those writers/directors who are politically inclined. Whether it be Oliver Stone’s “W” or Kathryn Bigelow’s decade spanning “Zero Dark Thirty,” we have seen those eight years from various angles. With (the appropriately titled) “Backseat,” McKay will explore the concept that Cheney was the driving force behind many of the issues linked to the 43rd President.

“The Big Short” seems to be a great template for what to expect with “Backseat.” McKay is very politically active and can be expected deliver his message with both smarts and wit. Steve Carell will play defense secretary Donald Rumsfeld. Amy Adams has joined the cast as Lynne Cheney. Just announced this week (per Deadline), Bill Pullman will portray former Vice President Nelson Rockefeller (Cheney served as Chief of Staff for the VP).

The Bush years seem to be the perfect foil for McKay to explore. Whether it be the 2000 election, the invasion of Iraq, the changing landscape of America in a new millennium or the 2008 financial crisis, McKay’s bizarre tendencies should communicate the Bush-Cheney administration well.

No release date is set, but we can expect “Backseat” to be a big part of the 2018 awards race. What do you think? Were you a fan of “The Big Short?” Are you looking forward to Adam McKay’s take on Dick Cheney? Let us know in the comments below

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